Best Travel Bag for Women: Samsonite Encompass

I’m super excited to share this new travel bag of mine with you! If you’ve read my previous travel posts, you know I love a good backpack when I’m on-the-go. I need my hands free! The only problem is, I always have to pack an extra handbag because sometimes I don’t feel like a backpack goes with my outfit. I also tend to get weird looks when I walk into a store with a backpack on because security always thinks I’m there to steal something. LOL. So, when I found out Samsonite had a bag that was convertible, I got so excited. Their Encompass Womens Convertible Hobo Backpack is everything I’ve ever wanted in a travel bag!

It’s currently 30% off at! Just search “Item 1207831041” or “Encompass Womens Convertible Hobo Backpack”

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