New Year, New Focus

New Year, New Focus

2018 was a busy, busy year for me! It was my first full year of living in California & getting used to being away from family. I also got married which involved planning a wedding in Italy plus a reception in England and one in the US! I took several trips back to Orlando, went to visit family in Kentucky and Georgia, explored Seattle and visited Las Vegas for the first time! 2018 was the year of family and it was so full of love! But with traveling to see everyone, the exhaustion and inconsistency in my life really took a toll on me. In 2019, I’m going to focus on myself, my marriage, my business, and establishing somewhat of a routine no matter where I am in the world.

Tell me what you want to work on this year in the comments below!


I’m going to take extra care of my health.

Above all, I want to focus on my health this year. I’ve always been athletic, but I’ve really struggled with motivation to go to the gym, cook and even eat over the past year. Constantly changing time zones doesn’t help, but it’s not an excuse! I’m going to make it my priority this year to take care of my body. This includes COOKING, which I hate, sleeping regularly and pushing myself to sweat once a day – whether it be a simple walk outside or a full workout. I’ve also decided to give up red meat. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I’m finally doing it. Mainly because I love animals so much, but also because the meat industry is tearing away at our plant.

I’m going to schedule time to stop and smell the roses.

My all time favorite place to be is outdoors and it’s a place that I don’t spend enough time! I work so much that I find myself wasting hours away indoors while the sun is shining. I’m going to schedule time in my calendar a couple of times a week to go to the beach, take a hike, read a book by the pool, do yoga, etc.

I’m going to dress how I want.

I’ve spent years and years of my life dressing plainly because I’ve never wanted to stand out. Us women get enough stares on the streets, why do I want to attract anymore attention? You know what… screw it! I’m going to dress how I want to, I’m going to wear that red lipstick and those heels and I’m going to stop worrying about any extra looks that I may get. BOO-YAH.

My Marriage

I’m going to set actual work hours.

It’s hard to shut off when you work from home. My husband and I are together most of the day, but I’m always working. I’ve spent so much time learning the ins and outs of blogging and the business over the past six months that I’ve really missed out on quality time. When I dive into something, I become obsessed with learning how to get better and better! I’ve struggled with balance for a while now and I’ve decided I need to set my own “office hours” and stick to them. After 6:00pm, the phones and computers turn off! Hubby time in full effect.

I’m going to finally make a date night jar.

I’ve literally had a mason jar and popsicle sticks for a year now that I’ve been meaning to turn into a “date night” jar. We have a list of restaurants that we frequently drive by and say “that place looks good” or movies we want to watch, but when it comes time to pick something to do, we can never think of anything. I’m finally going to make this damn date night jar, so we can randomly pick a date at least once a week and just go!

I’m going to plan day trips to explore our city.

We travel so much that when we’re home, we don’t want to leave the house. Our goal is to get off our butts and explore the beautiful city of Los Angeles that we live in, while we’re here. After all, what’s the point in paying an extortionate amount in rent to live in such a cool place if we don’t take advantage of it? I love exploring new places together! The truth is, we never know when we’re going to have to move, so we might as well soak up the city we’re in. Plus, I can always snap a quick Instagram photo wherever we go. 😉

My Business

I’m going to finally master how to use my DSLR in Manual mode!

Educating myself on blogging and the business side of things (new trends, new ways to pitch to brands, new ways to edit photos, etc.) is so much fun! I never want to stop learning. But, I have so many things that I want to learn that I keep failing to perfect my photography knowledge! I love taking photos and editing, but I still don’t completely know the ins and outs of my camera. I’m going to focus on learning how to master Manual mode & learn new ways to shoot creative content.

I’m going to write a blog post at least once a week.

I’m obsessed with learning, which is why I never get anything done! I spend so much time educating myself that I don’t have time left over to put it into action. When I do take time to write, I overthink it so much that I end up not even posting it. With that said, I’m committing to writing one blog post per week – minimum! Time to really get started. I really want to connect with you guys!

I’m going to be vulnerable and open up about real life struggles.

I want to start opening up to you all. I get messages on a daily basis about women who are going through hard times. Why am I not writing about my own? My life isn’t perfect. I have so many struggles that I go through in my daily life: anxiety, insecurities, relationship struggles, etc. I want to start speaking out about these because I know there are so many women who can relate. We are all in this together! I want to create a platform where we can lift each other up – and look stylish along the way. 😉

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