Ultimate Mobile Packing List

I’ve been a procrastinator my entire life; it’s how I function! When it comes to packing, I’m no different. So, one day I decided to start a packing list in my Notes App on my iPhone. Every time I traveled someplace new, I would find things I needed to add to the list. Over time, I’ve compiled a super detailed list of everything I could possibly need to function while I’m away! I never specifically list my outfits just because I pick those as I go.

I keep this checklist in my Notes App and check everything off as I throw it into my bag. If I don’t need to bring my winter gloves on the trip I’m going on, I’ll check it off anyway and move right past it to acknowledge that it’s not needed. It’s worked for me ever since! Now I can sleep in and pack last minute without worrying that I’m going to leave something behind. Efficient last-minute packing at it’s finest!

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