Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Is anyone else kind of tired (but mostly jealous) of seeing all the other bloggers show off their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items? I am. But really because I want all of their clothes! I absolutely love Nordstrom! It’s my favorite store to shop at: free shipping, free returns all the time and I’ve always been able to find good quality clothes that fit. They are my go-to. With that said, I love this sale so I can take advantage of newly-released fall styles to refresh my wardrobe for the upcoming season! All the items go back up to their regular (and frankly – really expensive price) right after the sale.

However, I don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, so I won’t be shopping the Early Access sale that’s going on right now. I don’t really care to get the credit card either because I already have a credit card with a great rewards program that I love! So, I’ll be waiting until July 20th to shop my picks. I have already added some items to my wishlist that I have my eye on of course… that way, I’ll be ready to go when the sale opens to the public! Spending loads of money isn’t on my agenda though, I plan on buying quality neutral and solid pieces that I can mix-and-match!

If you do have the Nordstrom credit card, you can shop now before all the sizes run out! Lucky you.

Do you plan on shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? If so, are you already shopping – or waiting, like me? I want to hear your favs!

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