Nordstrom Summer Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Summer Sale will be running until September 9th. Below are some of my favorite items that I’ve hand-picked from the sale, most of which can transition perfectly into fall! Most items are 40% off and they don’t last long. Sizes sell out fast. Remember that Nordstrom always has free shipping & free returns. Happy Shopping, Sunshines!

Nordstrom End-of-Summer Sale Picks

Leave a note below & let me know your favorites! Happy Labor Day!

Angela xx


  1. I loved your skincare routine! I would be super interested to know your make up routine as well! You blog is one of my favourites to read!

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! I definitely plan to do a make-up routine as well. I’m so slow at blogging because I overthink everything I write! Coming soon. 😉 and thank you so much for saying that! Your comment just made my day. – Angela xx

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